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Brenda - Groomer

​I have always lived on a farm and loved being around animals.  After leaving home and getting my own place, I started out with three dogs.  Wanting to be able to groom my own dogs, I decided to attend Kirkwood Community College in 1993 taking classes in Dog Grooming.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I wanted to make grooming my career.

My first job as a groomer was at Town and Country Vet Clinic in Washington, Iowa.  I also worked at Michell’s Clip and Curl and the Animal Clinic, both in Iowa City, Iowa.  In March, 2007, I joined the staff at Yuppy Puppy Salon, bringing with me 17 years of experience.  I really enjoy grooming and being able to make the dogs feel special and look good for their owners.

I have expanded from the original three dogs to 11 dogs, 3 cats, a horse and a guinea pig.  I breed miniature Schnauzers and Chi-poo, a designer breed of a Chihuahua and miniature Poodle mix.

I live on an acreage outside of West Branch with my husband, Robert, who works for the University of Iowa Dental College, and our three children.  We are kept very busy with both of the boys involved in school sports at West Branch School.

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